Who am I?

My name is Yonatan Daon, I am 21 years old, and I amĀ  passionate about the power of digital marketing and especially about using its power to spread Objectivism – The Philosophy of Ayn Rand. I have been specializing in PPC social media marketing for about three years. It is the best option for those who are looking to reach new quality audiences. Besides that, I love studying art history, and enjoy writing about my thoughts on my substack blog.

I Specialize In

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

I have over 3 years of experience in creating and managing facebook PPC campaigns. Facebook Ads are the gold standard when it comes to social media advertising. Some of the best leads can arrive from Facebook, but it does require some patience, the key to facebook marketing is the audience building. And in order to create a high quality audience who is more likely to perform conversions it can take some time and resources but it's an investment that will eventually payout.

Wordpress Website Building

The importance of having your website cannot be overstated. It is CRUCIAL for your business. Any business needs a digital home. In addition, the website serves as the backbone of most digital marketing campaigns. Every ad needs to refer the customer to a page where the conversion will occur. Through WordPress and Elementor, beautiful and functional websites can be made, which would serve the needs of most businesses.

Twitter Marketing

Along side my experience with Meta, I have extensive experience with Twitter Ads. From my experience, Twitter advertising is excellent for a brand with fewer resources because there is an option to target only the people who follow a specific account that you might think your audience follows. There's no need to build an audience like on Facebook.

Video Editing

I have been practicing video editing and video making since I was 14. Even with no need to make any cuts, well created subtitles can really make a difference.


Orginizations that I have been working with


Phone: + 972 54 830 1330
Email: yonatan@daon-digital.com
Keren Kayemet Le-Israel Street 25, 5322419 Givatayim, Tel Aviv, Israel
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